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Sunday, February 22, 2009


I feel like I need 36 hour days at the moment. Seven reviews in the queue at the moment, with at least six more reviewable titles hitting on Thursday. Of course, this morning I remembered that it is February, and therefore three days shorter than every other month, which makes it harder to cram in reviews on a deadline so that they can make it onto the next bill.

Having to sit here and write reviews prevents anything else from getting done and makes it hard to have fun that doesn’t involve playing video games for said reviews. Charly and I are fitting in 2-3 episodes of Buffy in a day, and there’s the odd trip out to buy new games (since it’s faster and more reliable than waiting for review code at the moment), but not much else.

I did manage to squeeze a little Team Fortress 2 in, but I’m finding it very frustrating. Some teams you play with are very good, there’s sort of an unsaid teamwork and plan going on. Others are horrendously disorganised and have no idea, particularly when it comes to general defense, or the last push on offense. I don’t want to have to be the guy that gets on the headset and starts barking orders at people.

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Monday, February 16, 2009

A Day Late

Was busy yesterday, so I didn’t get time to do this.

I noticed this week that The Simpsons (in the states, at least) debuted with a new intro. It made me feel physically ill, because it shows front-and-center many of the things that make the show bad. Lifeless and sterile animation, too many minor gimmick characters, lousy character expressions and couch gags that defeat the purpose of the couch gag. The only thing it doesn’t show is the lousy writing and phoned-in voice acting.

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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Live from Queensland

We left Melbourne at 4:30am on Thursday and arrived in Toowoomba about 4pm on Friday. Seems we left at the right time – had we waited until the 10th as was originally planned, we’d not been able to make it out.

Had a few expensive days at the shops, but we have more shelving requirements before we can be fully unpacked. My legs hurt from walking around so much, but I’ll get used to it. Looking forward to starting some sort of fitness routine tomorrow, though.

Work catchup begins tomorrow. It seems like I have quite a bit to do, but unpacking is the most important thing this week, and washing the car ranks pretty high up there too.

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Sunday, February 1, 2009


We move this Thursday. Two solid days of driving, four days of panicking that we won’t fit things in the car, things will be lost in the post, or that we’ll forget something important. Final packing of non-critical items today, postage tomorrow, clean up on Tuesday/Wednesday.

The heat killed most of my work this week. Had to delay the Skate 2 review, and The Warp Pipe took an entire day, when it was already 60% written at the start of said day. I need to sit down and construct a list of topics for the latter and commit to it, because it’d be nice to just spend a week grinding out columns so I don’t get into a panic.

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