Let that be the end of it

Victory is mine

It has been a long road, plagued with many awful, awful games, but tonight, I finally cracked the Australian Top 50 on MyGamerCard.net. I had previously given up hope, but a discovery of some easy achievements on games I had already played pushed me over the line.

The reason I pushed myself with the GamerScore system was because it shows my dedication to my hobby and craft. That when I recommend a game or tear it to shreds, I know what I’m talking about. That I have integrity, by not reviewing games after only 30 minutes of play. That I will play any game, good or bad, just to gain a better perspective of what makes separates a good game from a great one.

I had two objectives for the system: 1) Crack 50,000 and 2) Make it into the top 50. Now that I have achieved both, the chase for achievement points can end, and I can move on.

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